Energy Management

In electricity market, FG / A advises its clients in an independent manner covering several market segments: autoproducers, independent producers, free consumers and special consumers.

FG / A has a complete solution for both the consumer and for the power generator. Offering services like: prepare the diagnosis, support tax and regulatory studies, advise fundraising, advise the implementation and project management and even negotiate the power consumed or generated in the free market (ACL) or regulated market (ACR).

FG / A looks for to maximize the value captured by its customers in the several fronts of the business. Our services include the diagnosis and discussion of migration or export project, in order to minimize costs in the implementation of generation and transmission projects, energy trading as advisor to get the best condition and price of energy through positioning strategies, considering all regulatory demands.

The project management developed by the company comprises: the administration of the Electrical Connection work to the National Interconnected System and the whole relationship chain between company, distributor, transmitter, MME, ANEEL, EPE and ONS; the preparation and monitoring of the physical and financial schedules; the  support in technical specifications of substations and transmission lines; structuring the "vendor list" and management of service contracts.

The technical team of the FG / A is enabled to support negotiation, analysis of the thermal balance, advice and access studies, conducting studies of protection and selectivity, short circuit, power flow, electromechanical stability, billing metering projects, registration and licensing and trading in energy auctions (ACR).

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