About FG/A

FG/A is an independent consulting firm specialized in financial advisory services covering the following fields: structuring of investment projects; financial restructuring; mergers and acquisitions, real estate investments and other strategic operations. The company also owns a business unit focused on the strategic management of electricity generation and trade, that works with energy purchase and/or sales in the domestic energy markets, and contribute to the implementation of cogeneration projects.

Founded in 2005 as FG/AGRO and headquartered in Ribeirão Preto, which is an important countryside of São Paulo state, the company has grown mainly attending the agro-industrial sector. Due to the expansion of its activities scope, FG/AGRO renewed its brand in 2016 and now operates as FG/A.

The company has a highly qualified team of experts capable to guide and support its clients in several business areas and to maximize the clients’ business added value, with confidentiality, and without any conflicts of interest.

FG/A is well positioned among the top financial advisors in the Brazilian market. In recent years, it has structured more than $ 5 billion in financing.


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Wladimir Meirelles Ferreira Avenue, 1660 19Th Floor, Jardim Botânico
Ribeirão Preto SP
ZIP 14021-630

P + 55 16 3913 9100
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Social initiative
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